The first batch of drinking water from Nongfu Spring has been delivered to major

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Source:Nongfu Spring Release date:2020-01-26

On January 26, 2020, the first batch of drinking water from Nongfu Spring was successfully delivered to major hospitals and the construction bases of Huoshen Mountain Hospital in Wuhan.

(The picture shows Wuhan Union MedicaCollege Hospital)

Follow-up, we will unconditionally open the entire inventory of Nongfu Spring in Wuhan (about six million bottles) to provide drinking water for local front-line medical staff and construction workers of Leishen Mountain, Huoshen Mountain hospital in Wuhan until the crisis is resolved.

Since the outbreak in Wuhan, Nongfu Spring and local dealers have responded quickly, actively organizing assistance operations

Since the outbreak in Wuhan, Nongfu Spring and local dealers have responded quickly, actively organizing assistance operations.

However, the distribution of drinking water also faced many challenges. Nongfu Spring needed to organize delivery channels, vehicles, and ensure the protection of distribution personnel. For example, we tried to distribute drinking water to major hospitals many times since New Year’s Eve but all failed due to the lack of passports.

Later, we contacted the relevant staff of the Chinese Red Cross and People's Daily. With their help and guidance, we sent water to major hospitals.

The epidemic is like a war situation. The logistics needed to transport medical supplies is considerable. In order to save public logistics resources, our employees and distributors have taken responsibility for delivery.

They are the heroes of Nongfu Spring.

Nongfu Spring Wuhan’s dealer of Haina non-staple food was responsible for delivering goods to Wuhan Xiehe Hospital. Due to the shortage of vehicles and manpower, Mr. Du Houxiang and Mrs. Xiao Lihai, the leaders of Haina non-staple food, wore masks and went to the hospital to deliver goods themselves.


Du Houxiang (first from right) 


Xiao Lihai (first from right)

At around 3:21 pm, the first batch of drinking water was successfully delivered to Xiehe Hospital. Because our employees do not have protective clothing, they are sending water to the area designated by the hospital and have not entered high-risk areas.

In addition, we also provided a total of 100 cases of drinking water to the Aftercare Department of Wuhan University Zhongnan Hospital and the Central Hospital of the People's Liberation Army.

At the same time, with the help of the Hangfa Group, we also arranged to distribute about 300 cases of drinking water to the construction base of Huoshen Mountain Hospital. Fang Yongjiang, the person in charge of Wuhan Xingbofa Trading Co., Ltd. delivered the water himself.


(Photos were taken by Fang Yongjiang before delivery)

In addition to the medical staff, the media reporters who fought on the front line are also worthy of admiration. They risked contracting the virus and published the latest epidemic developments, making an important contribution to the fight against the epidemic.

Our distributor, Chen Shuiwen, head of the Sanxing Non-staple Food Management Department of Wuchang District, distributed drinking water to the front-line reporters of Hubei Television.

In the process of supporting assistance operations, we learned that many hospitals not only lack water but also lack food.

Therefore, other subsidiaries of the Yangshengtang Group also acted. The distributor of Yangshengtang Food Company returned to work, opened the warehouse for delivery and distributed various foods of the Yangshengtang Mother series to major hospitals.

Nongfu Spring pays tribute to every staff member who is helping fight the epidemic and hopes our efforts can help you. Wuhan, come on!