Let the talents of children in the mountains be seen: Nongfu Spring and China Un

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Source:Nongfu Spring Release date:2020-09-28

"We all have to be careful at night.

Because every time when we look up,

There will be a star,

Falling into our eyes."

——Da Gu, 8 years old, Mianyang, Sichuan


"Lots of people

like to throw thoughts into river

It becomes stone."

——Han Han, 9 years old, Huaiyuan, Anhui



These spiritual poems are from the village children.

Plain words have a power to knocking at the soul.

A child who loves to write poetry will shine; A child from the mountains who loves to write poetry will shine like a star above the hilltop.

Nongfu Spring has joined hands with China UnionPay to launch more than 100 million poetry bottles, allowing more people to see the talents of children from the mountains, paying attention to the Chinese poetry education of left-behind children in the countryside.

These smart and flashing verses appear on the bottles of Nongfu Spring, and are quietly placed on the shelves.

A bottle stands with a poem. A poem stands with a dream.

Simple and plain black and white design highlights the power of the text itself; The childlike stick figures depict the delicate inner world of children.

In the 24 children’s poems, there is a childlike innocence's imaginative insight into nature. running through the fields, a gust of wind and a tree can lead to the perception of the world:

There are left-behind children who rely on and miss their parents. Their father comes home only once a year. Their mother leaves home just after the New Year:

There are children innocent and pure goodwill:

There are currently more than 10 million left-behind children in China. Behind the data is the serious situation of lacking of family affection in the lives of left-behind children. During the cooperation with China UnionPay's public welfare project, Nongfu Spring hopes to spread the content of the poems more widely through the bottles, so that the children's innocence and talent can go out of remote mountains and be seen by more people.

Scanning the bottle, you can listen to children in the mountains reading poems. You can also go to UnionPay Cloud QuickPass to help donate. Nongfu Spring has also set up poetry bottles displaying in major supermarkets across the country, and continues the public welfare form of ‘UnionPay Poetry POS Machines’ in some supermarkets. You can spend 1 CNY to buy a poem on a special physical POS machine, and China UnionPay will donate your payment to China Soong Ching Ling Foundation to support art and Chinese literacy courses for rural children.

In the cross-border cooperation of the bottles, Nongfu Spring has a unique adherence to emotional resonance and design beauty. We hope to convey emotion and humanistic care through the bottles, and to amplify the voice volume of the group who needs us to speak for.

In 2017, Nongfu Spring partners with Netease Cloud Music launches a limited edition ‘music review bottle’selecting 30 unique music reviews that touch your heart. Listening music just like drinking water, only the one who drank it knows hot or cold. The music can reflect young people's inner expressions and emotions.

In 2018, Nongfu Spring teams up with the Palace Museum Cultural Service Center and launched the ‘Forbidden City Bottle’. We use the perspective of ordinary people to try to interpret the inner world of ancient emperors and generals as a "person". There are hesitations on dreams, loneliness during hard work, and even conflicts between couples, which resonate with the current living conditions of modern people.

In 2019, Nongfu Spring launches the ‘Auspicious Chinese New Year Version’ bottle body for Spring Festival. The cheerful and festive images are combined with the heart-oriented copywriting, carrying the traditional folk culture to the bottle body.

In 2020, the TV drama program, Restart of the Extreme Sea Ting Lei is broadcasted. Nongfu Spring associated with Tomb Notes, launches a sports cap mineral water, releasing the collaboration products with 8 illustrations for fans of The Lost Tomb in three consecutive years.

Now, we want to pass the children's dreams using the bottles.

Saint-Exupéry said, all adults were once children, although many people have forgotten that.

Nongfu Spring believes that WORD is the most powerful medium. These yellow earth nurtured children who grew up, and used pen to write the simplest but the most powerful emotions. Let us read poems for our children and safeguard the gleam of art.